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Langport festival

A big thanks to all of you that joined us for the eat langport, future museum and paper crane projects in the Town Garden on the 2 June. The first event using the new clay oven was a great success with over 80 pizzas being cooked continually over a period of four hours. Instructions for using the oven will be available in the garden within a couple of weeks but if you can’t wait that long please pop into the SAW office who will have a set of instructions for using the oven as of Tuesday 19 June.



FutureMuseum comes to Langport

“The best exhibition I have seen in my town for years”
“Post apocalyptic living has never seemed so appealing” – FutureMuseum guestbook


Hailing from an unknown time in the distant future, the Wunderkammión is a fairground cabinet of curiousities, a museum-on-wheels, showcasing archaeological artefacts salvaged from the ancient ruins of 21st-century civilisation.

With mysterious treasures from the age of affluence displayed alongside examples of the creative solutions that characterised life during and after the crisis, the Wunderkammión presents a spectacular and fascinating archaeology of growth, collapse and survival – and the lessons to be learnt from our turbulent past.

Come down to the Town Gardens on Saturday the 2nd June for FutureMuseum’s first appearance in Langport as part of the Langport Jubilee. See the museum, take part in a creative workshop envisioning Somerset life in the distant future, and find out about plans for an exciting new public art project on its way to Langport.

The Clay Oven is taking shape

The plinth is in place and the first layer of the oven built and ‘drying out’. (It has been raining all morning) I will be going back to see how it is tomorrow with ideas for a roof in mind! A huge thanks to all of you that helped on Saturday and Sunday and I will let everyone know when the next layer of clay is ready to go on.

Edible art in the Town Garden

Over the next two months I will be creating a series of portraits inspired by the community groups and clubs in and around the Langport area.

The artwork will take the form of pizzas that will be made and eaten on the 2 June 2012 as part of the Langport festival.

In order to complete the pizza portraits I will be working with a small group to build a wood fired bread oven that will be located in the Town Garden.

If you are part of a group or club that would like to be one of the ‘inspirations’ for this work or if you would like to help build the oven I would love to hear from you.

Simon Lee Dicker

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